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Order Everything. ONLINE.

Or, choose at the lunch counter.

Order everything. ONLINE! Choose an entree, snacks, drinks, and fruits/veggies from our app. Order a little or order a lot. You have full control over your kid's school lunch - all at your fingertips.

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Supercharge your school lunch choices with our new A La Carte feature! 


Our pre-order sides menu has a selection of items not available at the lunch counter. Choose from kid favorites like organic apple juice, Izze Clementine, organic apple sauce, a side Caesar salad, and much more!

Order special treats for a job well done or just because. Get the jicama for "Try It Tuesdays," get an extra bag of chips for an afternoon snack, or let them choose in the lunch line. There are so many options.

Tip: Save your order as a "combo" to select your favorite sides with one-click.

They deserve it.
The premium sides are not at the lunch counter, so the pre-order menu can make lunch special (as a treat). It’s convenient and pre-ordering guarantees your sides.

Mother of three

Peace of mind.
Parents with kids with allergies would feel more comfortable with the option to pre-order because, in addition to the entree, you can apply the allergen filter to the sides.

Mother of four 

Works for all ages.
I have an older kid and he has flexibility to pre-order or choose at school. I would open the app to have a conversion with my younger child to negotiate healthy choices and pre-order sides.

Mother of two

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A La Carte

A contactless school lunch solution for schools that offer in-person instruction.

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The world has changed, and so have we.

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